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Pulse XT 60 ARF

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Key Features

Bolt-on two-piece wing for easy transport and setup at the field
Fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
Removable top hatch for easy access to the interior of the plane
2-stroke, 4-stroke glow or electric option
Mike McConville design
Factory installed control horns
Bolt-on tail eases assembly
Removable top hatch for easy access to the fuel tank and EP battery
Pre-hinged control surfaces



Reliable, faithful and easy-to-fly, Hangar 9’s Pulse XT 60 ARF is just what you’ve been waiting for. Based on the popular Pulse XT 40, this classic, low-wing plane is designed with the sport crowd in mind. Whether it’s your second model or your tenth, the Pulse is a true sport flyer able to do a variety of smooth aerobatics. A Mike McConville design, the Pulse offers excellent design features such as lightweight laser-cut balsa construction and bolt-together wing and tail assembly.

The Pulse XT 60 comes with the electric option straight from the box, meaning you can fly it the way you want it whether you’re into glow or electric power. All the necessary hardware for flying electric is included, and no conversion is necessary.

So make sure you always have the Pulse XT 60 ARF in your truck to take to the flying field—there’s nothing like having a plane you know will perform well.

Motor Size: Power 60 BL Outrunner
Flying Weight: 8 lb (3.63 kg)
Fuel Type: Electric or Glow
Wingspan: 70 in (1778mm)

• 4-channel radio system (minimum) w/receiver
• RX battery
• On/Off Switch
• 5 Servos (4 when building electric version)
• In-line fuel filter
• 1/4-inch Protective Foam (for receiver)

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