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GP Ultra Sport 60 Kit 61.5''

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This is a Ultra Sport 60 Low-Wing, Pattern/Sport Flying Aerobatic Airplane.
This is a great second or third kit for someone who has mastered
trainers/mid wing airplanes and now wants to fly low-wing aircraft.


Balsa and Plywood Construction
Fully-Symmetrical Airfoil
Optional retracts available
Capable of Most Advanced Maneuvers such as Knife-Edge, 4-Point Rolls,
Outside Loops, Snaps and Inverted Spins.

Wingspan: 61.5" Fuselage length: 55.5"
Wing Area: 707 sq.in. Wing Loading: 23 oz/sq.ft.
Weight: 7 lbs. Airfoil: Fully-Symmetrical
CG: 4-3/8" aft of LE, inverted +/- 3/8"
Throws: Ele Hi: 5/8" each way low: 3/8" each way
Rud 1-1/2" 7/8"
Ail 5/16" 3/16"

Full-Sized Rolled Plans, Photo-Illustrated Instructions, Hardware
Package (hinges, pushrods, clevises, etc.), All Wood to complete
the kit, Adjustable Nylon Engine Mount, Clear Canopy and Wire
Landing Gear.

Engine: .60-.65 (2-stroke) or .70-.91 (4-stroke)

Radio: 4-5 Channel (5th channel for optional retracts)
(throttle, elevator, rudder, ailerons)
Covering: Three 6-foot Rolls
Misc. Items: One 14oz. Fuel Tank, Fuel Tubing and Fuel Filter,
Two pairs of 2 1/2" Treaded Wheels, 5/32" Wheel Collars,
One 2 3/4" Spinner, 1/4" Foam Rubber, and Assorted Building and
Field Equipment.

Great Planes RV-4 .40 Sport Kit
Great Planes RV-4 .40 Sport Kit

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Subaru 09
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