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GP Piper Cub .40-.61

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A Favorite with Scale Model Builders, the Cub is Now Available with the Great Planes Unique "Computer Design and Drawn" Engineering, Resulting inOutstanding Scale Accuracy and Easy Kit Assembly.
  • Nearly all balsa construction for easy finishing. Includes all parts and instructions to build either the standard or  aerobatic "clipped wing" version
  • Exact scale outline is taken from original Piper 3-view drawing
  • Top quality Great Planes hardware
  • Realistic "barndoor" ailerons instead of strip ailerons found on most Cubs
  • High quality shaped balsa leading edge, pre-notched for wing ribs
  • Scale wing struts, landing gear fairings, dummy engines for both sides of the cowling, numerous decals as well as many "how-to" tips for creating additional scale details.
  • Detailed instruction booklet and plans


Wingspan: 76.5" (standard version)
61.5" (clipped wing version)
Wing Area: 820 sq in (standard)
653 sq in (clipped wing)
Weight: 6.5-7.5lbs
Length: 49"
Center of Gravity: 3-5/8" to 4-3/8" back from the leading edge .
Wing Loading: 18-21oz/sq ft

Engine: .40-.60 (2-stroke) and Pitts muffler or .48-.80 (4-stroke)
Radio: 4 Channel w/Four Servos
Covering: Two 6-Foot Rolls w/Matching Paint
Misc. Items: 3-3/8" Main Wheels, 1¼" Tailwheel, Wheel Collars,
Fuel Tubing, 12oz Fuel Tank, Propeller, Foam Rubber, Flex cable,
Building and Field Equipment.

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